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dialga is better because the dragon type is super effective to palkia and is not super effective against dialga  btw roar of time is stronger than spacial wrend
Yeah but spacial rend doesn’t have recharge and recharge can be the death of you

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"Stronger" is the most relative term you can use in any RPG, so I'll say right now, that neither Dialga nor Palkia are "stronger" than the other.

It totally depends on what you're comparing them in. Palkia is faster than Dialga by 10 points, Palkia has less bulk, and learns Spacial Rend over Roar of Time. Palkia is clearly supposed to be looked at as a Mixed Sweeper, ripping holes through other enemies. It has a fair typing (Only one weakness!), but it doesn't bear many resistances. Because of this, Palkia can't survive as long as Dialga can.

Dialga has a near-perfect typing, bearing an immense amount of resistances, has lower Speed, but more HP, and learns slightly weaker attacks, that are more used to make sweeping easier in the future. Dialga is obviously supposed to be more of a tank, that battles slowly, but knocks through the wreckage easily, whereas Palkia can't.

Like I said, even though the two have nearly identical movepools and stats, they are used for extremely different roles. If by "stronger," you mean which hits harder, then I'd say Palkia. If by "Stronger," you mean the ability to survive, then I'd say Dialga.

The two are very different, so I think its unfair to identify which one is actually better.

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In a head to head fight between Palkia and Dialga, Palkia can learn Aura Sphere, in which it can use to get a super effective hit on Dialga by out speeding it. If Dialga survives, it can use Roar of Time to severely damage Palkia. It would be an even fight, nevertheless.
well, I looked up that palkia has higher sp.def and dialga has higher def, but I thought by type effectiveness.
Palkia has 2 weaknesses,those being Dragon and Fairy. Dialga is weak to Fighting and Ground. The two are equal to each other. One difference is their movepool. Dialga, having a dragon and steel-typing, has access to STAB steel type moves like Flash Cannon and Iron Tail. Palkia, for some reason is a Water-type, and a Dragon-type. So it has access to STAB  water moves like Aqua Tail and Hydro Pump
They have the same bulk, but in different areas. They also have the same offensive stats. They hit equally hard.
Note: to whoever says Palkia is water type for “some reason” it is because Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are supposed to be the three forms of matter, Solid, liquid and gas accordingly. And I do realize there is two more forms of matter, but these were the ones covered by the Pokemon.
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Personaly I like Dialga better but Look at these pages and see what you think:

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Dialga-Lovers o~o Palkia rules all! Go Pearl Version!!!
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Dialga and Palkia's attack stat are both 120. But Dialga's defense stat is 120 and Palkia's is 100. And Palkia's speed is 100 and Dialga's is 90. So if you are asking who is stronger technically Dialga is.

But palkia has 120 special defense and diagla only has 100 so that evens them out
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It depends, but I think dialga is technically stronger.

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Based on typing, Dialga has the advantage because it is a Dragon and Steel-type. Palkia is a Water and Dragon-type (don't ask why). Dragon-types are weak to themselves but Steel resists Dragon. So damage from Spacial Rend would be neutral. Palkia does not resist Roar of Time because of its Water-typing. So damage from Roar of Time would massive.

 Based on moves, Palkia has the advantage. Dialga's weaknesses are Fighting and Ground. Palkia can learn a bunch of Fighting-type moves like Brick Break, Aura Sphere, and Focus Blast. But even though Palkia takes neutral damage form Electric attacks, Dialga can learn Thunderbolt and Thunder. So movepools are evenly split.

 Based on stats, Palkia has better Speed and Special Defence. Dialga has better HP and Attack. Palkia would outspeed Dialga, but since it has more HP, It can live a Spacial Rend. Palkia could live Roar of Time because of its Special Defence. But each move has different amounts of power. Roar of time is more powerful, but Dialga would need to recharge, Spacial Rend has no recharge, but less powerful. 

But in a hole, the two would be even.
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dialga is better because it is a steel type so if Palkia use a dragon move it woident work but dialga use rore of time and will knock it out

Dragon becomes normally effective, so it would still do a lot of damage with Dialga's lower special defense.
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Palkia and Diagla are used in several different ways, It all depends on what way u use them.
Palkia is very handy as a mixed sweeper, due hes high speed / Attack and Sp. Atk
Dialga has more something of a tank, due hes high HP / Defense ans Sp. Def, but has lower speed.
But if you let these two fighting against each other, then Dialge will win, because of hes Roar Of Time ability, a very strong Dragon type attack, and dragon is Palkias ONLY weakness. Thats the reason why some people think Diagla is better, witch is not true!
I`m using a Palkia, and i must say, he very strong.

Hope this helps!

P.S: Soz for the green text.

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DIALGA is a thousand times better than palkia,dialga has palkia powers but with more potential.

Diamond players...Humbug! o~o
I predict... that %99 of people who comment on this question say opinion...
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So we are going to talk about:
Base Stat

Lets start with moves
Palkia can learn some really strong moves such as
Surf, Spacial Rend, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Flamethrower

Dialga can learn some of the same moves like Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Earth Power, Aura Sphere And Flamethrower
But Dialga can also learn other strong moves that Palkia cant learn like:
Flash Cannon and Roar Of Time,

But Palkia can still learn some better moves so moves go to Palkia

Base stats is an easy win to Palkia because speed is better then hp

Types Palkia is a water dragon type and Dialga is steel and dragon type
Dialga is much better at types because steel is one of the most coveraged types and dragon too

Palkias type effectiveness:
Fire 1/4 Water 1/4 Steel 1/2 Dragon 2 Fairy 2

Dialgas type effectiveness
Poisen 0 Grass 1/4 Normal 1/2 Water 1/2 Electric 1/2 Flying 1/2 Psychic 1/2 Bug 1/2 Rock 1/2 Steel 1/2 Fighting 2 Ground 2

But I will go for dialga as the best