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Ok everybody knows that there is something in a egg, so what about a Lucky egg - Is there something Inside that gives more EXP?
EXPgiver hatched from Lucky Egg ! :P

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There is actually some indication as to what may be inside, although it is very small. The game's description provides the most info:

>An item to be held by a Pokémon. It is an egg filled with happiness that earns extra Exp. Points in battle.

This still doesn't tell if there is something physically inside the egg though, but it's something at least. The game's developers have not said anything about it, nor has the anime, so really the answer is unknown.

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maybe happiny
That actually makes sense because lucky eggs are held by wild Chansey
It is said to DELIVER happiness. -Pokemon X-
But seriously, this could be one of Chansey's ways of delivering happiness. There could be absolutely nothing in the egg. It's just the mere fact that it's a Chansey egg, and Chansey delivers happiness.
maybe a pokemon that has not been discovered yet . name: EXPgiver apokemo who gives exp