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Why did you add the tag 3DS if the game is Diamond?
ya diamond is a ds game, not 3ds

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Sandshrew is located in Wayward Cave in Diamond.

But unfortunately, you must have Pokemon LeafGreen in your GBA slot for this to happen.

If you don't have LeafGreen, you'll have to get it via trade. Sorry!

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In order to get Sandshrew in Pokemon Diamond:

  1. You must insert Pokemon LeafGreen in the GameBoy slot, while playing Pokemon Diamond.
  2. Go to Wayward Cave. Make sure you have a Pokemon with HM Cut. It is the "pass" into entering the cave.
  3. Run around the cave until you encounter Sandshrew (Very Rare-believed to appear 8% of the time.)
  4. Once you run into a Sandshrew, weaken it and finally catch it!

Source 1
Source 2 (A bit more trustworthy then the first source)
Source 3: Experience

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