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Looking for a ponyta with flame body to breed for shiny please help been searching for weeks now only get trades with runaway and flash fire

Why can't you use another flame body Pokemon?
Because I want ponyta with flame body not another Pokemon with flame body
the short answer is that isn't how HA breeding works

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If all you have is X or Y, then simply put, you can't. You need a game with access. This includes getting another 3DS and another copy of X or Y to get a fire type friend safari (convoluted but possible), a game from the fifth generation (but unless there is already a Ponyta with flame body on that game, that is not an option, as you can only obtain that from the dream world online, which was shut down), or oR or aS and using DexNav at Route 112 or Jagged pass. That last option is only after defeating/capturing Kyogre/Groudon and obtaining the national dex. If you have a friend with oR or aS, that would be you quickest and easiest option.

As a side note, don't trust/use the GTS, it is very broken as a trade system. Many more search criteria are required to make that useful.

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Best way is to keep breeding a bunch of Ponyta and wait until you get one with the flame body ability. Once you do that, just do the Masuda Methd with a ditto from a different country.
For Example: Your Ponyta with the flame body ability is from the U.S then it's language will be English. Then just find a ditto on the GTS which is from a different country like Korean or Japanese, pretty much any language except English. Once you obtain one, just breed it with the ponyta. A ditto can breed with any Pokemon regardless of Gender.

Hope this helps :)

Just saying that the answer is wrong. An egg will only hatch into a Pokemon with a hidden ability if one of its parents has a hidden ability or the egg is a gift from an NPC.