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So, I'm playing Pokemon Blue on a website, and I was trying to perform the Ditto Glitch, but in order to do so, you need a specific special stat in a Pokemon, and I now know which stats give which Pokemon, but I was hoping someone knew what the lowest special stat in Red/Blue was, because all the websites just tell you special attack/defense, which vary from each other, but it's just a single stat in Pokemon Blue. Any help with lowest special stat?

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So Magikarp has the lowest Special Attack and Caterpie has the lowest Special Defense.
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So, it appears that in Generation 1 (Blue, Red Yellow) Both Caterpie and Magikarp had a Special stat of 20
Heres a list of all of the Gen 1 stats before Special was split into Special Defence and Attack

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Magikarp has the lowest Special Attack at base 15, and Caterpie, Sandshrew and Magikarp are tied for lowest Special Defense at base 20.


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