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I need a Pokemon with a 9 specia stat l so I can get a Bulbasaur via the Mew Glitch.

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What? This makes no sense....
In Pokemon Blue when you catch a Pokemon they have a special stat. I need that stat to be 9. Because in Blue there is a glitch to get certain Pokemon (its complicated) and if its 9, I can get Bulbasaur.
As far as I know, stats are random, but try catching pokemon at one of the first few routes, you might one with the correct stat
Special stat...
This is back then (before Gen III). They weren't separated into Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. Instead, Special stat is sorta like both of them merged together.
Why do you want to do the Mew Glitch?
He wants a Bulbasaur, so I'm guessing he want to complete the dex

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There is no specific place to get a Pokemon with a Special stat of 9.
Try the beginning routes, though there is no guarantee that you will get a Pokemon with a Special stat of specifically 9