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Does he exercise when GF is developing new games.

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I saw that. I just noticed this
Lolz be more specific in your questions next time XP also check your wall haha

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Game Freak is perfecting Pikachu, their goal is to make him as cute as possible. Pikachu is more than a Pokemon he is a public idol and well adored character, and honestly I think they really got his shape in Pokemon X and Y.
I assume this question is coming from a humorous point of view because I've seen many meme's about how Pikachu changes over generations,
So as a humorous response.( Pikachu has been diagnosed with the Kanto syndrome. You will find that many of the Kanto league Pokemon crys/sounds have been alterd to sound more like them instead of the weird pixlated sound they all made in Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow.) <- Not real answer

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Pikachu is pixels on a screen. He doesn't exist. His look just changes over time. After all, Pokemon has been going on since 1996, he's got to change somewhat.

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I'm pretty sure he asked if gamefreak made the sprites like that
Is he asking if they purposely made it look like he is excersing if you line up all the sprites from all generation? I'm slightly confused.
I asked if they did that to perfect him.