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I know the clone in gen 5 was Emolga and in gen 7 it was Togedemaru, but what are all the rest?

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Gen 2 - Marill
Gen 3 - Minun and Plusle
Gen 4 - Pachirisu
Gen 5 - Emolga
Gen 6 - Dedenne
Gen 7 - Togedemaru and Mimikyu

Source: the allmighty Pokedex.

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I would have included Pikachu's evolutions, as well as Marill's, but I think you know those exist.
I think pichu was a clone gen 2
It's a pikachu pre-volution so I didnt include it.
I don't think Mimikyu counts. The "Pikachu" part of this Pokemon is only its rag, and underneath is something that's DEFINITELY not Pikachu-esque.
In gen 8 the Pikachu clone is Morpeko.