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I would say Togedemaru because Mimikyu is not an Electric type.

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If by Pikachu clone you refer to:

  • Pichu (Gen II)
  • Plusle and Minun (Gen III)
  • Pachirisu (Gen IV)
  • Emolga (Gen V)
  • Dedenne (Gen VI)

Then I would say Togedemaru is the Pikachu clone of Gen VII. It matches the same sort of level of cuteness that the other Pokemon set; Mimikyu is quite the opposite of cute, it tries to be cute but it still scares people away with whatever is under its costume. Of course, the Pikachu Clone stereotype is an unofficial term so I guess it could be whoever you want it to be lol.

Hope I helped. :)

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But I think mimikyu is cute ; v ;
I responded late. And yes, that's what I meant by Pikachu clone.
*bookmarks gif for future use*
There is the theory that Mimikyu  is the ghost of Pikachu due to the costume though.  Even though the Pokedex doesn't say which one of the two kinds of shock the scientist died from, whether that be emotional or electric shock after looking under Mimikyu's costume.