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I was looking through Pokemon gen 3 sprites in Spriters Resource and I found this (), what could it be?!

It's probably from the pokédex.
It's an in-battle animation sprite, not a Pokédex footprint.
It's probably used for kicking moves like stomp or jump kick.
Every foot based move in gen3 seems to use the same foot sprite for it's animation, which isn't the one you found. What was the file name of the foot sprite?

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Ok I looked up the gen 3 animations for every kick move, which are jump kick, high jump kick, double kick, stomp, mega kick, triple kick, low kick, and blaze kick. If any of the animations had a footprint on them it was a dog footprint. So this is a pokedex entries footprint. If somebody identifies whos footprint it is I will hide this answer but because the question was asked a month ago and hasn't gotten any feedback I don't think anybody is trying to figure it out. There is also a chance that it is just an unused file.