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My favorite song in the Sinnoh league and I can't find it! It was after you surfed across the water and used Waterfall over a large waterfall there was only a Pokemon Center and the entrance to Victory Road up there. The song that played there was just beautiful and i'd like to know where I could find it or even download it!!! Thanks :P

Since the area is classified as the Pokemon League, I believe that'd be the music that plays, but I'm not entirely sure.
Nah this was before you entered the Pokemon league
Nah, check it again. I know because it always used to confuse me :/

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The Pokemon League music doesn't have a real name, it's just 'Pokemon League (Day)' and 'Pokemon League (Night)'.

I have to agree though, beautiful music.

Pokemon League (Day):

Pokemon League (Night):

The above links aren't that very long, only about 2 minutes, but some awesome YouTuber made an extended 15 minute version. It's Pokemon League (Day).

They are also on the Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl: Super Music Collection. The day version is Number 75 on Disk 1, the night version is Number 61 on Disk 2. On the iTunes release it's the same for the day version, and it's Number 139 for the night. Click here for it's iTunes listing.

Hope I helped. :)

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Omg!!! thanks <3 I remember both of them but the Pokemon League Day is the one i was really looking for!