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i was planning on using Meloetta for it but it was banned why ?
Ps if it was asked before I apologize

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Did you try it out or see if it was banned or is this a hunch...?
I dunno, cause I can't check if you meant the latter

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The Pokemon musical does in fact allow legendary Pokemon, but it most likely does not allow event legendary Pokemon, like Genesect, Meloetta and Keldeo.

The hulla Reshiram
Hope I helped!

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My Zekrom and Cresselia can join just fine.
Ik, my game was loading for too much time, so i couldn't check
I tried using Meloetta and it worked fine.
Actually I tried it in Black so maybe theh changed it, I don't know.
Thanks ps lol that Reshiram :D
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These are the problems that are possibly stopping you from using it. Meloetta might need to be in the Aria Form, or it's because Meloetta is in a Cherish ball, or it's fainted. Hope I helped!

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It won't say banned for that though