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My team is:
Vaporeon moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic, and Hydro Pump
Embody moves: Rock Tomb, Arm Thrust, Strength, and Flamethrower
Magneton moves: Thunder, Flash Cannon, Electro Ball, and Sonicboom
Metang moves: Scary Face, Agility, Psychic, and Meteor Mash
Leavanny moves: False Swipe, Flash, X Scissor, and Leaf Blade
Zoroark moves: Snarl, Faint Attack, Foul Play, and Night Slash
Let me know if I need to change anything

Is this a repeat question? *how to beat ghetsis* is already here, so is *How to get to the giant Chasm in White 2*
idk if it's the same for Black 2 and White 2...
Replace Emboar's arm thrust and flamethrower with hammer arm and flare blitz. Give it an exp. share. Fight Ghetsis until your Emboar is high-leveled enough to sweep him.
By the way, you should probably get rid of Metang and continue playing with a team of five. There's not much of a point in keeping it when Magneton already does everything it does.

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First evolve your Magneton to Magnezone. Magneton evolves to Magnezone when you level it up in Chargestone Cave. Also, evolve your Metang by training, defeating Audinos in the wild, and let it hold a lucky egg. And yeah, teach your Emboar Hammer Arm and Flare Blitz.

Why should he spend so much extra time evolving a Metang when it isn't even that good in battle?