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If I dident get any shinys and im about to battle the 8192 pokemon it has to be shiny ?

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Lf you somehow get a Pokemon in a different country in your game, it will increase that chance though, to about 1/2000 something.

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No. The chance of finding a shiny is "1 in 8192". On average, if you battled 8192 pokemon you would expect to see one shiny among them, but it doesn't mean you battle 8192 then you get a shiny. You could get a shiny on the first encounter.

It's all about probability. One way to think about it is like this: a number between 1 and 8192 is picked at random. if the number is 1, the pokemon would be shiny. If it's any other number (2, 3, 4... all the way up to 8191, 8192) then the pokemon is not shiny.

Hopefully you can see how it works, and that finding a shiny is very, very unlikely!

One of the first pokemon I came across in hg was a shiny sentret unfortuanatly it was before I got pokeballs :(
It's all about chance and probability and theoretically it doesn't increase in succession. But maybe there are some hidden factors out there that no one knows about. :0 :) :P :o :O
Unlikely. Thanks to hackers, we know everything about the games. Why else do you think we know the exact chance of there being a shiny?
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No. Its is based on chance and in chance there are no definites or "has to bes" only the given chance every single time (unless that chance is 1 out of 1). But in this case is 1/8192. So every single time you see a pokemon there is only a 1/8192 chance of a shiny. It never increases- to 2/8192 or 100/8192.

I voted your answer down because if you breed a Pokemon that came from a...lets say... a game that was made in Europe, and another one from your contry the chance of the egg Pokemon being shiny is raised to 1/2000 something
Did you notice that this answer has nothing to do with breeding for shinies, but encountering them?