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I had to google how to evolve them, is it hidden in the game somewhere? I dislike when evolution methods aren't explained in the game because they want you to buy the guide to find out.


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No, as far as I know the methods to evolve both Malamar and Goodra are not explained in the game.
Although Inkays's evolution method it is hinted at seeing as Inkay is known as the "Revolving Pokémon," Malamar is known as "Overturning Pokémon" and learns the signature move "Topsy Turvy."

Sliggoo's evolution method is also hinted at by a Trainer Tip on Route 17 which says: "Some Pokémon may evolve if they gain a level while it is raining." Given that tip, the fact that Goomy is found in a swamp, and can have the ability Hydration, it wouldn't be a huge leap in logic to assume the sign could possibly be referring to Sliggoo.

I'm sure both of the evolutions will be shown at some point in the anime which is most likely the way the evolutionary methods were originally intended to be announced by the creators.

To evolve into Malamar you must hold your DS sysem upside down while leveling up Inkay to level 30 or higher.

To evolve into Goodra you must level up Sliggoo to level 50 or higher while you are in an area in the overworld where it is raining. (Note: rain started by Rain Dance/Drizzle will not allow Sliggoo to evolve)


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I wonder how (or if) the anime will show Inkay's evolution. They can't exactly turn the camera upside down and Inkay will suddenly evolve!
I'm sure that Jesse, James, or Meowth will accidentally hold Inkay upside down or something and suddenly it becomes Malamar.
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This answer is incredibly easy just look at this site.
To evolve Malamar turn your 3ds upside down while its leveling up to level 30.
To evolve Goodra you have to level it up to level 50 or above while its raining in the game.
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Thanks! But I was asking if the game knew.