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I was playing USUM and leveling up my Sliggoo with rain dance and just fainting stuff then when it didnt evolve I was confused. I figured out it required natural rain like the rain with route 17 and po town. Im worried if it cant evolve after level 50 or not.


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Like every other level based evolution, Sliggoo will try to evolve (given the right conditions, i.e. rain in the over-world) at every level starting from 50.

It will begin to evolve at 51 in Route 17, and at 52, 53, and so on till 99, should you try and stop it every time. Only level 100 Pokemon can not evolve by leveling up.

Source: Experience

I did the same thing, bud. Leveling up Sliggoo on Route 17 at 51.