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Rollout's final hit has a base power of 480. Can any combination get anywhere near this? I thought of a scenario where it's a double battle, the first Pokemon uses Charge, and the partner uses Ion Deluge. On the next turn the first Pokemon uses explosion - does it go double to 500 from Charge?
If there was Ion Deluge in gen 2 and below, Explosion would go up to 1000 base power right ( 250 x 2 (Defense-halving) x2 charge)?

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The max base power is when rollout is used after defense curl which doubles the base power to 960. So yes it is the most powerful move.
And the scenario with ion deluge will not work as the defense is not halved anymore, but if it existed in gen 2. It might work.

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so gen 2 explosion has a base power of 1000, more than rollout 960. We all know shuckle can deal the most damage under rollout, but is there any pokemon capable of doing that feat in generation 2 to generation V if explosion has a higher base power than rollout??
It's impossible for explosion to have a 1000 base power.(without stat boosts). Using ion deluge and charge combo gives it only 500BP (1000BP is only when defense is halved which happened in gen 1-4). But as halving the defense has been removed from gen 5, rollout is the strongest move. And ion deluge is a gen 6 move.
It's my understanding that Ion Deluge only works for the remainder of the current turn, therefore it only works in Double and Triple Battles. Doubles Battles were not introduced until Generation III and Triple Battles until Generation V so even if Ion Deluge was present in Generation II it would not work. However if Explosion still lowered the targets Defense by half in Generation VI then it would probably work and have a Base Power of 1000 (w/o STAB), but because you have to have a team mate set up Ion Deluge after you use Charge (the same turn you use Explosion), you would hit your own Pokémon with Explosion as well.
So there would not be any STAb if a normal type pokemon were to used explosion, but it will never outscore rollout's 960 in theory now?