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I askd will but I dident remember all the items so please recommend me good items :

charizard-mix sweeper ev's-252 speed 152 attack 150 sp attack (more attack cuz sp atttack is high enough)
Item-foucus sash

electivire-physical sweeper ev's-252 speed 252 attack 4 hp
Item-life orb

forretress-lead\wall ev's-252 defence 100 hp 152 sp defence

torretera-physical tank ev's-252 attack 100 hp 152 defence
Item-life orb ?

umbreon-stall\wall ev's-252 sp defence 152 defence 100 attack

starmie-special sweeper ev's-252 sp attack 252 speed

so what items give the rast and what suggestions do you have to maybe replace the life orbs cuz its a waste of hp

and I have another question how is it that after I used all the ev's there is still 4 left hat everyone usealy use for hp ?


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Charizard's and Electivire's items are good, with the others I will give:

Umbreon - Leftovers, of-course! there is no stalling without leftovers.

Starmie - Because you can't use another Leftovers holder, Choice Specs will boost your Sp Attack a lot.

Forretress - Because of a 4x weakness to fire, Occa berry will resist fire attacks for 1 turn making you able to set everything you want.

Torttera - Choice band because of attack boost and no other choice...

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I like the occa berry idea however if something like charizard comes up and uses flamethrower or whatever...hes still toast.
I think that with the occa berry and right training, forretress can survive a flamethrower from a charizard...
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Well it does all depend on your attack moves a s well but I would say, and this isnt in any order just the first ones to pop to my head,
starmie= wise glasses
umbreon= leftovers/blackglasses
forretress= focus band (if its going to be in the lead and something happens to be able to take it out.)
torretera = muscle band/ quick claw?
Iwould also give whoever has the most diverse attacks expert belt, so not only are you super efective to alot of types but you will get boosted power for them too.

Quick claw is bannd from compettetive play
And focus band too