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my Pokemon are piplup level 28, psyduck level 5, zubat level 8, buneary level 14, drifloon level 15, and a budew.

first of, evolve your Pokemon and level grind them. Use zubat or drifloon. :P
Level 28 Piplup?
You have 2 flying types
You do not do that

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It's quite easy.
In Eterna City, there's a little boy who will give you a Chatot if you trade him the easy-to-find Buizel. Since traded Pokemon level up faster, you'll have a powerful Flying Type in no time. Just don't let it gain TOO many levels, or it won't obey you.
Or you can just level up your Zubat.

Isn't that in Oreborough?
Could be.
he IS in Oreborough...
He's in eterna
Ahh Eterna
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In Florama, there's a girl in one of the houses who will give you the TM for Pluck. Teach that to your Zubat, since it has no good moves until Level 17 or something like that.

You can train really easily when your Zubat has an actual attacking move, and Pluck will be useful for later on when Gym Leader's Pokemon hold things like Berries, and you'll take away their berry by using Pluck. Additionally, Barry will have started with a Turtwing, meaning your Zubat will be a good counter for it to cover your Empoleon.

You also need to evolve your Piplup, because this isn't the anime. :P

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Well Gardenia is a Grass type gym leader. And therefore you have 2 Pokemon that can really help you out in this battle: Zubat and Drifloon.
Zubat is a Poison/Flying type and Drifloon is a Ghost/Flying and as we all know, flying is super-effective against grass. If you train both of these Pokemon up to there 20's with some flying type moves you will be able to beat Gardenia in no time! Also your Zubat is extremelly effective against her grass types because he is both poison and flying.

Hope I Helped.