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I'm playing through Pokemon Diamond, and every time I go against Gardenia, I always get defeated. It's her Roserade that gets me. But now I have no money left, and I still don't have the gym badge! Can anyone help?

(I have a lvl 14 Pachirisu, lvl 15 Chatot that WON'T listen, lvl 16 Machop, lvl 19 Prinplup, and lvl 20 Kricketune.)
(I also have no healing items whatsoever because of previous attempts of defeating the gym.)

Please help.

Pachirisu, Chatot, and Machop all have type disadvantages (or obedience problems) and wouldn't be that strong even if you weren't fighting a Roserade. I recommend putting all of them (and probably also Kricketune) in a PC box and using a Starly instead. To make the grind slightly easier, you can catch a level 8 Starly on the north half of Route 204.
Hmm as sumwun said you could try using starly or others like zubat or ponyta which can be found near oreburgh city.
In DP, Ponyta is unobtainable before defeating Gardenia. And Zubat is simply outclassed by Starly.
also kicketot can learn bug bite at level 16 just stop the evolution pressing B
First it's already evolved. Second it doesn't learn bug bite in DP.
Oh yeah you are right ponyta can't be obtained. They are best getting off a flying type instead.

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Get a level 8 Starly on the northern half of Route 204, teach it wing attack, and evolve it into Staravia. Then level it up until it can defeat Gardenia's Roserade.