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I allways see on serbii when I check out the ev corner that somtimes its saying:

252 atttack 252 speed 4 hp

what are those 4 hp if you can only max 2 stats and use all the ev's on them


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You can effectively fill 510 points worth of EVs, at your choice. 4 EVs make 1 invested stat point, meaning any "EV leftovers" are usually 3 EVs or less that cannot make an extra stat point for your Pokemon.


252 EVs + 252 EVs = 504 EVs used
504 EVs + 4 more EVs = 508 EVs used

510 (Max EVs) - 508 (Investment) = 2 EVs left for use.

The leftover EVs are 2 in this example, since you need 4 to make a valid stat point.

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Well, you can only put 252 EV's to max out 2 stats, 255 EV'S to max out 1stat. But the total number of EV's you can have are 510 EV's on one Pokemon in total. Look at this for more info.


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