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Just wondering.

In what terms? Are you trying to choose between them for a competitive team, or an in-game team, or just wondering which is the most popular?
For my in-game team,.. Simply stat wise.

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In all honesty, when choosing your in-game team you should think more about what Pokémon you like and would enjoy using than their stats. Even if you want to be slightly more practical than just using your favorite Pokémon, you'd be best off choosing this on the basis of what Pokémon you currently have in your team and how these Pokémon would fit with them - if you already have a Fire-type, you're probably not going to want to add a Charizard, for instance, and if half of your team is weak to Rock or Electric, Swampert is almost definitely the best fit.

Purely stat-wise, however, if you have either Mega Charizardite and would use them, Mega Charizard X and Y have the highest base stat total, but otherwise Dragonite does.

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I'd take Swampert because you might wanna think twice of what "cute memories" you're gonna have. :3
Oh dang, yes mudkip is meh favorite
Everyone love charizard, lucario because they are cool and look awesome.