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Look at Charizard and Dragonite and tell me they do not look alike.

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Dragonite is stronger than Charizard. Because his body is Strong and big and due to higher stats than Charizard, But he may not flying faster and less wing defense compare to Charizard because his wings is short.

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According to Bulbapedia, Charizard comes from European Dragon or flying Lizard, while Dragonite comes from japanese sea dragon/chinese dragon/fairy dragon or European Dragon.
Since Game freak made both from European Dragon or dragon, so Dragonite looks like Charizard.

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How did you add the photos?
Is like the one dragon is Powerful attacks to against counter hostile creature or Foe's Pokemon and Great defense for attacks moves and quite last longer durable to Able Survive before KO or unconscious to towards battle. And The one dragon Is able to Fly Faster with Large wings to defend from Hostile/Foe's Pokemon Attacks(Flap Charizard's wings to front for defense himself) and usually get Kanto Pokemon Stater in Final evolve and quite cheap.
Actually, Dragonite can fly good, see trivia
I know dragonite can fly in anime series! Is charizard fly faster than dragonite?