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(Yes I still own a original Gameboy and Pokemon Red) So, basically, in a nutshell, I’d successfully obtained a MissingNo. and had it on my team for about a month now -Now the for the confusing part- so today I when on and saw that my (Shiny(I 95% think so)) Charizard has disappeared somehow and I still had my MissingNo. This hasn’t happened before hand and I haven't hacked it... Why did it happen?!

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I'm pretty sure all the weird negative effects disappear when the player looks at the Pokedex entry of a non-glitch Pokemon.
Missingno doesn't corrupt data either. I would be surprised if it had anything to do with this problem at all.
According to Bulbapedia, it corrupts Hall of Fame data, but nothing else.
I fully know most things about MissingNo and this shouldn’t of happened so... it pretty annoying...
I don't think you can even get shinys in red blue and green. if you transferred it from or to another game that might be why it disappeared, but I'm not sure. sorry.

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Pokemon Red And Blue Mechs Are Really Wack so lets just say this:
You can use these Mechanics in red and blue and yellow to make wild Pokemon appear that can only be obtainable threw trade some of these Pokemon I know you can get from these types of mechanics are alakazam golem and some more I forgot them but the reason why your charizard is gone its because of gen 1 mechanics so just blame that Hope This Help!