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i need help should I use vapereon or swampert for Pokemon platinum. the mudkip is from trade and the vapereon is from the gift eevee. which should I use.


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- Good Ability in Water Absorb
- Extremely bulky
- Learns moves like Surf, Ice Beam, and Shadow Ball
- STAB covers Flint, Bertha, and a few random trainers
- Slow, not very physically bulky
- Most of its best moves are consumable TMs

- Very well-rounded bulk, as opposed to Vaporeon's special bulk
- Only one weakness
- Learns moves like Strength, Waterfall, Earthquake, and Brick Break
- Doesn't need TMs to function well
- STAB covers Roark, Volkner, Flint, Bertha, and random trainers
- Water + Ground is wonderful coverage
- Even slower than Vaporeon
- Can take a while to evolve

Go with Swampert. It has more balanced bulk, and it can hit harder.

Swampert @ anything
Ability: Torrent
- Waterfall / Surf
- Earthquake
- Strength
- Brick Break / really anything else

Hope I helped!

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Why is Surf an alternative for Swampert?
It's an HM, basically free HM slot.
Waterfall is also an HM.