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So I don't use them in competitive play...
You know like Quick Claw etc.....

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What do you mean by "hax" items?
Basically, items that are used by chance..

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The Quick Claw, Brightpowder, Focus Band, and King's Rock are all banned from competitive play. They are the only Hax Items in the metagame.

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Why are they banned? Surely a little bit of luck is a good thing in battles? I mean, not all moves are 100% accuracy. Is Double Team etc banned too?
Well, the reason for this is mainly because of the fact that on Shoddy Battle, the random chance applier is much greater than that of the games. Also, Garchomp with Brightpowder is just scary. Evasion boosting moves are also banned.
So critical hits are banned too?since they use luck