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And if there is, what is it?
Oh and can you use Protect with this item?

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enter image description here Lagging tail-
> Holder moves last in its priority bracket.

enter image description hereFull Incense-
> Holder moves last in its priority bracket.

Note- priority bracket means that if you use a move with (example) +2 priority and the opponent also uses a move with +2 priority you'll always go last. (this works with moves with no priority.)
Protect has +4 priority.


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If you knew this why would you ask the question.
Lets say for example I have a Brave Agislash with a lagging tail and I use King's sheald will it still go first?
Yes it will, unless your opponent uses a move with priority of +4 or more (King's Shield has +4)
thanks this helps
Because I was just checking ahead of time, Sempiternus, so I didn't wast my time building a pokemon to find out it didn't work.