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For exemple - Shendinja is the only who have Wonder Guard.
Now I need to know what ability is must found ingame.

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I think it is Levitate, but I am not sure.
Yes, Levitate is correct.

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Levitate is the most common ability, followed by Sturdy.

As Terlor and RecreativeReshiram already said in the comments as well.
32 Pokemon have Levitate and 30 have Sturdy.


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In fact after you answer i was searching and i found something:
Levivate 38 /Swift Swin 38 /Chlorophyll  35 /Keen Eye 32 /Sturdy 30
Huh. My bad then. o.o Or rather the sources bad.
no problem e.e''
i was thinking it was pressure because almost all legendaries have it and didnt think about levivate and sturdy.
Wait, are you counting the Pokemon who have it as a hidden ability as well? If you are asking for in-game those don't apply because Pokemon don't have their HAs in the wild.
I will edit it otherwise.
Keep in mind this doesn't account for the new abilities coming out. For instance, Mega Swampert gets swift swim.
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The most common ability in the 6th generation is actually "Competitive" with eight Pokemon. Those Pokemon with this "super rare" ability are Jigglypuff and his/her whole evolution line (three Pokemon), Gothita and his/her whole evolution line (three Pokemon) and lastly we have Milotic. We also have female Meowstic with the ability as a hidden one.

The most common ability ever is a tie between "Levitate" and "Swift Swim".

Sources: Pokemondb Link --> Competitive Pokemon Saw what I did there? XD

Hopefully I helped with this question and if this answer is wrong, please notify me by comment so that I can take it down. No down votes please.

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Competitive isn't even close considering XY has every Pokemon in it.
Please don't say 'no down votes please', otherwise people will purposely down vote you.
Okay, I won't write that. We both have the right answer, from the new pokemon, then Competitive is the most common from the newest.