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I know a Revive is the thing which revives your your Pokémon, But what is it? A type of herb, root, gem, mineral, Pokémon bone/tooth.........?
Considering you can find Revives in rocks (Rock Smash) I don't know if this should be a separate question, but how do you use a Revive? The Pokémon eats it, press the revive against the Pokémon, or what?

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Well, since they're found in rocks (Rock Smash) it's safe to assume Revives are in fact gems or minerals of some sort, that have healing properties if you digest them.

Accurding to Bulbapedia, Max Revives are based off of Konpeitō, a Japanese candy.

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Konpeito are those star-shaped crystal-like candies which are nearly 100% sugar..... So, Revives are candies??
only max revives