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Safaris of the same type a lot of the time have 1 or 2 Pokemon that also appear in the other. Also on Reddit when choosing to post a safari, once you select what type your safari is, it comes up with sets of certain Pokemon of that type to select.
So can any Pokemon(excluding legendaries)appear in the Friend Safari, or are there preset Pokemon/sets of Pokemon that you have a chance of getting?

don't think so

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Nope, they're pre-set. How it works is that there are three "slots" for each type, are there are a few Pokemon in each slot. The game selects a type, and one Pokemon from each slot, and that's what you get in your Friend Safari.

So there is an element of randomness in it, but no, you can't get each and every different kind of Pokemon available through the Friend Safari. Serebii has a list of Pokemon available in the Friend Safari, be sure to check that out.

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Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to know.
No problem! :)