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Spinda's Juice Bar.

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The drinkable items are,

The following are drinkable items that will result in a stat increase
that ordinarily would have no positive effect:
IQ increase: Max
Elixir, Eyedrop Seed, Nectar
+1 Max HP: Heal Seed, Oran Berry, Plain Seed, Reviver Seed, Slip Seed
+2 Max HP: Apple, Big Apple, Blast Seed, Cheri Berry Chesto Berry, Grimy Food, Pecha Berry, Pure Seed, Quick Seed, Rawst Berry, Stun
Seed, Vanish Seed, Vile Seed, Violent Seed, Warp Seed
+4 Max HP: Blinker Seed, Sleep Seed, Totter Seed, X-eye Seed IQ increase AND +1 Max HP: Dropeye Seed, Dough Seed, Mix Elixir, Reviser
Seed, Via Seed, Gravelyrock
Some items will not ever get a good
feeling stat increase, mainly items that permanently boost stats such
as health drinks and several seeds. The following are drinkable items
that will never get a good feeling stat increase:
Seeds: Doom Seed,
Joy Seed, Life Seed Drinks: Calcium, Iron, Protein, Zinc, Ginseng
Berries: Sitrus Berry
Other: Golden Apple

I used bulbapedia, but the link is not working :C.
Hope I helped though!

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