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Does the Ability Technician boost Multi-Strike Moves such as Tail Slap even if the move hits a certain number of times resulting in the Overall Base Power of the Move being over 60?

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It applies to the base power.

>Moves with a base power of 60 or less are boosted in power by 50%

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So it doesn't matter if let's say fury swipes hits over 60 if the base power is 18?
I am pretty sure technician will only boost the first hit from multi hit moves.
It affects base power, so it doesn't matter, no.
No, Technician boosts all 2-5 hits, because each of them has a base power of 18.
Ok, each of them then. I wasn't sure. But it definitely boosts it.
Yeah it's what terlor said, main reason why Breloom | Technician | Bullet Seed combo is so popular.