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Lets say that I have a Cinccino with the Technician Ability (x2 damage to attacks under or equal to 60) with Bullet Seed (25 base power per hit). If I used Bullet Seed, would each hit get the boost?

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Technician boosts all moves with a base power below 60. That includes multi hit moves such as Bullet Seed. So instead of the usual 25 base power, Bullet Seed's base power would be 37.5.

(Technician does not double the power of moves below 60 base power, it multiplies them by 1.5)

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Each individual hit gets a boost.
It doesn't matter if the overall base power goes above 60, if the original base power is below 60, then it receives the Technician boost.
So for example, the base power of Bullet Seed is 25, so each consecutive hit receives a boost from Technician.
This applies to all multi-strike moves such as Rock Blast, it's the reason Technician Breloom is so popular.

Thanks :) I was making a team of a bunch of underused and rarely used pokemon to see how much of an underdog I could be XD I was gonna use Cinccino and I wanted to see wether I should have Technician or Skill Link