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Moves such as pursuit and rollout.


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Only when the power is 60 or below. For example, Magnitude 5 is powered up, Magnitude 6 is powered up, and Magnitude 7 is not powered up.

Source: Experience.

EDIT: Sorry if this left confusion, I thought it was clear enough. What is said is exactly what I mean: If the base power is 60 or below, then the move is boosted. My magnitude example was supposed to clear this up. If a move like rollout hits with 60 or below, then it's boosted. As soon as the base damage exceeds 60, it will no longer gain the boost. The same goes for pursuit, meaning that if Pursuit's base damage doubles on the switch, then the new base power 80 is not boosted.

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But what about pursuit and rollout?
Pursuit is boosted by Technician. Rollout acts like Bullet Seed, where the first x number of hits below 60 BP get boosted, and every hit above 60 BP does not. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
If Pursuit catches the opponent on the switch, it's base power becomes 80. Hence it is not boosted by Technician
Oh, I see what you're asking now.
But pursuit would still be more powerful if the target was switching.
Yes you're right. Fixed. Had the number 60 in my head so much that I calculated Pursuit's base power as 60 for the first part of my calculation, and then for the second I used the correct base power 40...
This is the incorrect calc I did first:
60/2=30. 30+60=90(Tech Boost)>(No Tech Boost)80=40x2

This is the correct calc I'm doing now:
40/2=20. 20+40=60(Tech Boost)<(No Tech Boost)80=40x2.

So instead of 90>80, the no switch to switch power inequality is 60<80.