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I asked if oras was considered gen 7. I never said anything about the other pokemon remake gens please just answer my question

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Most likely no, it isn't.

That's because all the Pokemon remakes so far have been the same gen as the last games(hope that makes sense).


  • Gen 3: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Fire red/Leaf green(remakes of gen 1)
  • Gen 4: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Heart gold/Soul silver(remakes of gen 2)

So it is most likely still considered as gen 6.

Hope I helped.

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Perfect answer thank you
Is it sort of similar to black white black 2 and white 2?
No problem. :]

Hmm, Black 2 and White 2 are a bit different since they are more sequels than anything.
unless they add new and unseen mechanics or pokemon in the remakes i wouldn't consider them a new generation.  a few more mega evolutions isn't enough to cover that especially when i'm guessing they're either hidden in the game code for x/y or they'll be easily patched in.  b2/w2 didn't add anything new, they just expanded the story of gen5.
That's true point taken