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Up until now every page has stated that 'Super Luck' increases the critical hit ratio stage by one (1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, 3 becomes 4), but Serebii has just posted an 'update' to the critical hit info page, and part of that states that it now DOUBLES the ratio stage (1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 3 becomes 6). Is this a typo, because the page for 'Super Luck' still has the old text


There is also one special ability that doubles the Critical Hit ratio stage (If normally 1 it becomes 2, if normally 2 it becomes 4). This ability is Super Luck and is only known by Murkrow, Honchkrow, Absol, Tranquill and Unfezant and with Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss getting it as their Hidden Ability


Edit: Just to add more complication to the matter, it turns out Bulbapedia's stage +1 is the same as Serebii's stage 2. I don't have Sun or Moon, so I can't test this, but if anybody can use Absol with Super Luck and Night Slash, not getting a crit even once will help disprove the change.

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If the critical hit "ratio" is 2, the actual ratio is 1/8. If it's 3, the actual ratio is 1/4. Because of this ambiguity, the update can be interpreted as no change.
the comment on Serebii appears to imply that 'Super Luck' doubles the STAGE, RELITIVE to a pokemon WITHOUT this ability, rather than the actual chance of a critical hit at each stage. The ability pre gen VII simply ADDED one stage compared to an otherwise identical scenario
Weird. I guess I'll just wait for somebody to read the SM code on GitHub.
I'm pretty sure that the answer is no. The only page that I've found that says that Super Luck doubles the critical hit ratio is Serebii's page on critical hits, which you linked in your question. Other pages about Super Luck, critical hits, and abilities that have been changed from Gen 6 to Gen 7 (I'll link them below) all say that Super Luck still raises the critical hit ratio by one. This means that Serebii's page on critical hits is the one with the typo, not the other pages.
Serebii is more reliable than Pokemon DB, so please don't cite Pokemon DB when it conflicts with Serebii.

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EDIT: I tried it with my Super Luck Absol in Pokemon Sun.
Using Psycho Cut with Super Luck while holding the Scope Lens (Stage +3) gives 100% critical hit ratio (I knocked out 6 Mudbray consecutively with critical hits).
Without Scope Lens and only Super Luck and Psycho Cut, I only made 1 critical hit from 3 attacks. (My bad luck as it should be 50%)
However, this still coincides with Serebii's description. Serebii claims that the crit hit ratio doubles, which makes sense as 2x Stage +1 is Stage +2. Furthermore, as both Stage +3 and +4 give 100% crit hit ratio, we can never test this out. If Super Luck doubles Absol's Scope Lens-Psycho Cut from +2 to +4, it would still result the same as if it only increased it to +3 (both will give 100% crit hit ratio). It's pointless to continue this discussion.

The mechanics behind Critical Hits have not been changed in Gen VII.
They were, however, changed from Gen VI and still remain.

The critical hit boost was reduced from x2 to x1.5 and chance of critical hits at Stage +2 was doubled with critical hits becoming certain from Stage +3.

As for your question, no, the function of Super Luck has not changed. This ability only increases the Stage of the critical hit ratio. Serebii must have suffered a typo. A big one.

P.S. Who uses Serebii anyway? Pokemon Database has got to be the cleanest, organized and simple websites for Pokemon queries out there. Bulbapedia is also amazing when it comes to anime and completely wild facts and trivia on Pokemon.

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Hehe, so true on the "P.S." I always say this to people, haha.
The DB may be the smallest, but it is by far the prettiest of the three.
Pokemon DB happens to be the most incomplete. I think its only advantage is that the pages take less than 10 minutes to load.
To each his own, then.
I just want Pokemon Database to invest in information about items, their locations etc. I feel that is one major thing that's missing. There are occasional errors in the data, but they are usually fixed upon indentification. It would also be cooler if we could have moving sprites on pages (but that may affect the speed of loading webpages) and if Pokémon results on move/ability pages were more organized.
The main problem with that is that Pokemon DB is run by one person, who doesn't have nearly enough time for all those things.
I just realized that the discussion still makes a difference. If the Serebii page was right, then super luck shouldn't work when the critical hit stage is 0, because double 0 is still 0. Can you resolve that somehow?
After finally being able to test this first hand, at the very least, I can say Super Luck Absol using Night Slash will not always get a critical hit, even on S/M. So yes, it is most likely a typo, but this may never be completely confirmed unless a data miner can check the coding