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I've went through the trouble of evolving a Amuara into Aurorus and I do know it's fragile. Most of the reason why I stopped training it. But, as far as ice types go, how does Aurorus stack up against it's natural advantage, Dragon Types? Competitively Speaking?


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Well it depends what Dragon type you're up against.

If we were talking Smogon terms, Aurorus is in NU and the only Dragon types in NU is Dragalge and Altaria which it can sure as hell OHKO both Pokémon when running it's standard set with a Freeze Dry or a Refrigerate boosted Nature Power, but other than that were talking Druddigon and NFE Dragon types such as Dratini, Dragonair, Bagon, Shelgon, Axew, Fraxure, Goomy, Sliggoo, Gible, Tyrunt and Noibat.

Other than that it's not going to be able to out speed any other Dragon type and if it packs a super effective Stone Edge or Earthquake you're probably as good as dead.

You wouldn't use Aurorus in any other tier other than UU and perhaps RU but even that's pushing it as there are generally better Pokémon. However if you were to use Aurorus in UU or even OU (standard set) you would be able to live an Earth Power from a Timid Choice Scarf even Choice Specs Hydreigon (full HP and not after the damage from Stealth Rock's for Choice Specs) and OHKO it. You would also live a Jolly Choice Scarf Salamence's Earthquake and OHKO (on full HP). Pokémon such as Garchomp, Tyrantrum and Dragonite you definitely wouldn't stand a chance against, however on full HP you would have a 75% chance to survive against a Timid Choice Specs Latios's Draco Meteor and OHKO it.


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Actually, Aurorus can be good under some circumstances (like every Pokemon ever). It just needs a lot of support and the opportunity to set up.

At max speed, Aurorus is at 236. After one Rock Polish (x167%), it'll be at 394 which will out speed Noivern, the fastest Dragon type. Rock Polish is a good set, since it can ditch Choice Scarf for Life Orb.

It also has a decent movepool, with access to STAB Freeze-Dry to deal with water weakness and Flash Cannon for coverage. Downside is that Ancient Power is it's most powerful special Rock move. But even with 2 x4 weaknesses, Aurorus does have decent bulk (123 base HP), so it has a good chance of surviving a x2 hit.

However, it's outclassed as an ice user the higher tiers when there's Protean Greninja, Weavile, Froslass, Mamoswine and, it's main NU rival, Choice Scarf Jynx. With the right team support, IV breeding and EV training, Aurorus can be a good sweeper, but you need to build your team around it in order for it to work well.