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Im trying to make a Teamup for a Aurorus and Bewear Duo, Can I have some Feedback on this?

ok, Remember that Aurorus has a Base stat in health that is 123 . Also it has a sp. Defense base stat of 92. This means that it can effectively be a wall that can eat up any attacks from certain Sp. attackers such as Hatterene, If said hatterene doesn't run Mystical Fire. Not only. But if it has Snow Warning, It can break sturdy users such as Steelix, Aggron, Crustle, Shuckle, Avilugg, And Regirock.

Do note that most of these have moves that can easily take Aurorus out, So you may want to have a team member if you are doing double battles. Preferrably, Bewear with Fluffy. It is also a wall that has around the same Health stat as aurorus, with the base stat being 120. It also can Take things out that have higher Sp. Defense stats, Yet lower Defense stats due to it's Physical Base Stat of 125. Also, It can get rid of Blissey, and, If you have a focus sash on the Bewear, Volcarona. You can easily knock the volcarona out with Rock Slide.

One thing that needs to be noted, is that fluffy makes all fire type attacks basically Super effective, Which is why you need a focus sash on Bewear just in case of that situation.

Ev's: 252 Health, 252 Sp Def, 4 Sp Atk.
Move 1: Rest (for Reliable Recovery)
Move 2: Calm Mind (For Setting Up
Move 3:Blizzard (Always hits with Snow warning)
Move 4: Psychic (To get rid of Fighting Types)
Item: Chesto Berry (to Immediately Wake up) OR Leftovers (For Recovery Over time)
Usage: Special Wall

Ev's 252 Health, 252 Phy. Atk, 4 Def
Move 1: Darkest Lariat (to get Rid of slow Psychic types that have boosted stats)
Move 2:Drain Punch (For Reliable Recovery against Steel, Rock, Ground, And Normal Types)
Move 3:Rock Slide (For Flinching & Coverage)
Move 4: Bulk Up (For Setting up and to take hit's better Over Time
Item: Focus Sash (if being used as a Counter for Volcarona) OR Leftovers (For recovery Over Time)
Usage: Slow, Heavy Hitter

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What battle format/mode are you attempting to play this in? (For example: Battle Spot Singles, Smogon OU, VGC 2020, Battle Tree, etc.) You don't seem to be playing Gen 8 either. You should provide all this context.
Aurorus isn't weak to fire, and Avalugg is immune to hail damage.
It's almost impossible to know when the opponent is using volcarona, and so you would know when to use the focus sash on bewear or not, and you can't change the item in the battle unless you use trick, but you aren't running trick so give it an item that you will use every time

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The asker never specified a format, so I'll assume it's either VGC 2020 or DOU. Aurorus is banned in both formats. You can improve this strategy by using Pokemon that are not banned, such as these ones.