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So I trained this in-game Mightyena, and I know it sucks competively, but I wanted something to surprise opponents on the battlefield. So I came up with a strategy. How is it?

Mightyena- Revenge killer // back-up
Held item: Something that restores HP, like Leftovers or Shell Bell
Note: planning on perhaps using a bulky teammate for Helping Hand?

-Sucker Punch (Priorty STAB, for psychic and ghost types)

-Retaliate (Since my Mightyena is a "if all else fails" poke, this should be good if everyone else faints.)

-Super Fang (To cut opponent's HP in half, if needed.)

-Substitute (Protection! Defense! Yeah!)

Is it okay? Does it need some tweaks? Thanks.

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I'm assuming this is for doubles, correct?
You could also try Taunt + Sucker Punch. And maybe try Focus Sash to make sure you get a Super Fang off. Mightyena is also one of the few Pokémon with Intimidate and Snarl, so perhaps that would be a decent support move as well.
The main problem with Mightyena is that it doesn't have enough speed to guarantee it'll move before it gets hit, and it doesn't have enough defense to guarantee it'll move after it gets hit.
A competitive Pokémon would normally be bred to get the best ivs and nature and stuff.  An in game mightyena would probably not have the best setup possible for a competitive battle
A fully speed EV trained 31 IV speed Mightyena is still going to be slower than a lot of other 252 speed EV trained 31 IV speed sweepers, of which there are plenty. Maximum values Versus everything else's maximum values.
Planning to use it more for singles so speed won't be as MUCH as a problem. Doubles I'd probably use it too. I know its speed is bad, and it can get hit before it hits, which is why I have Substitute and Leftovers/Shell Bell to back it up. (The held item is subject to change.) it's a last minute revenge killer, so it'll only be sent out when everyone else is out, so I might only have a few opponents left. But I'll redo its EVs nonetheless, because they do need to be better.
If it doesn't survive the attack, substitute and leftovers will be useless.
Then I'll use a support with Baton Pass or Helping Hand then. :/

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Mightyena @ Leftovers
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Substitute
- Protect / Sucker Punch / Ice Fang
- Crunch
- Play Rough

The aim of this set is to hide behind a substitute and begin to rack up Attack boosts with Moxie. The Leftovers allow you to heal off Substitute damage. The EVs are invested in Attack and Speed and the nature increases Attack to maximize Mightyena's offense. Protect is just an overall useful move in Doubles and extremely effective with the right prediction. You can replace Protect with Sucker Punch if you'd like some priority to bypass Mightyena's horrid speed. Or, you could use Ice Fang for relevant coverage, hitting Dragons and bulky Ground-types super-effectively. Crunch and Play Rough are powerful moves that have excellent coverage, being resisted by only 3 Pokemon.

Retaliate isn't that good of a move in Doubles because it's not as easy to abuse as it is in Singles due to the lack of switching in and out. It also is just a detriment on this moveset and doesn't contribute to setting up with Moxie. An offensive Pokemon like Mightyena doesn't need Super Fang's guaranteed damage because their damage output will be probably do close to half health on a foe anyway, so I omitted that as well.

A good partner would be a bulky Pokemon that could provide Follow Me support. This would allow Mightyena to set up safely. Togekiss is an excellent option as it has 4x resistances to Bug and Dark, which are Mightyena's weaknesses, and can also provide Helping Hand and Tailwind support to help Mightyena get those initial kills before it gets Moxie boosts and also rectify its bad Speed stat.

Togekiss @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 HP / 192 Def / 64 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Follow Me
- Roost / Helping Hand
- Air Slash
- Tailwind

You might want to consider Roost over Helping Hand because Helping Hand isn't absolutely necessary and Roost is quite essential, as it keeps Togekiss healthy so it can keep redirecting damage.

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its decent. but remember, this is pokebase. not battle subway. and you might wanna post it in a moveset to see other's comments about it. anyways its a good moveset. the sucker punch is good for the stupid ghost and psychic types. relitate is op super fang is also op and substitute... good for mighyena's problem of bad defence. but you might need some hp for that.

Thanks. I'll reset it's EVs and train its HP and attack. I'll probably give a bit of defense and speed too. It's a last minute revenge killer, so it should only come out when everyone else is out. And I'll repost this in Battle Subway too, I guess. Thanks :)
wait no! dont post it in a moveset. you will get flags and your post hidden.