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Item:Black Sludge
Evs:128-Defense 128-SpecialD 126-Attack 126-SpecialA
-Toxic Spikes
-Dragon Tail
-Focus Blast

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Not really because spreading ou evs like that accomplishes nothing. Also, since dragalge already has adaptability, using venoshock is almost pointless because of spinners like forretress.

I'd suggest a set more along the lines of this:
[email protected] Draco Plate
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 HP, 252 SpA
Modest Nature
-Toxic Spikes
-Dragon Tail
-Sludge Wave/Bomb
- Draco Meteor

Because of adaptability, coverage is almost pointless because draco meteor outdamages any type of coverage. Draco Plate allows you to bluff choice specs/scarf, which would allow you to get an extra hit or a layer of toxic spikes. Also, it gives a slight boost to dtail and draco. Speed evs are not necessary because dragalge is not very fast.

Essentially, this is a good offensive toxic spiker.

Hope I helped!