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I am making a DUU team and want a Dragon-type Pokemon with a lot of power. I've already liked Naganadel and Dragalge for a long time now and I can't decide whether I like the higher speed and special attack for clean sweeps, or the ridiculously powerful specs + Adaptability boosted Draco Meteor more as well as the extra bulk for the occasional Assault Vest set. Can one of you help me?

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Also, I tried to put Naganadel in the tags because I saw that it was an option and the result showed an error message saying that the Naganadel tag didn't exist. Weird...
It's happened with me too; the site sometimes suggests tags which don't currently exist on the basis of text you've put in but since you need 100 points to create new tags, it doesn't let you create them either. It's annoying but it is what it is I guess.
Yeah I guess so lol
Naganadel is Tier 1 in the Doubles UU viability rankings, while Dragalge is unranked.
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Naganadel > Dragalge

First of all, Naganadel gets Tailwind, which already makes it an asset in DUU. Having this small bit of utility definitely has the potential to give you a big advantage.

They both have similar typing, and both are extremely dangerous with Draco Meteor and Sludge Wave, and but only Naganadel has access to Fire Blast/ Flamethrower, so it has an edge because it can deal with any Steel types that could otherwise give it trouble, whereas Dragalge has to rely on other neutral coverage.

Naganadel is faster and in a fast paced meta like Doubles, this could be to your advantage. The much slower Dragalge is probably better suited for a Trick Room team.

Although Specs Adaptability Dragalge hits like a freight train, Naganadel's Beast Boost makes it almost as powerful, and definitely more viable for spamming than Dragalge. Also, keep in mind that Specs or AV on either makes it difficult to slap on Protect and use either for scouting. Life Orb is probably a safer way to go about using them, but Naganadel more so than the slow Dragalge.

Dragalge is very susceptible to getting revenge killed. On the other hand Naganadel (barring priority) is much more difficult to deal with, specially if it racks 1-2 KOs.

There's a reason Naganadel is Tier 1 according to Smogon and Dragalge doesn't even make the list.

The only place where I see Dragalge shine is a Trick Room team, so definitely try that out too and see if you can catch any opponents off guard.

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"both have access to Fire Blast/ Flamethrower"
Dragalge doesn't have access to Fire Blast / Flamethrower. :P
thanks, Emty but, yeah Dragalge doesn't learn Fire-type moves. Probably because it used to be a water type.
Ayy my bad, I'll edit that in. I had the Pokedex open for both and I still goofed up XD

Ah well, thanks for letting me know.
Also, Dragalge can use Focus Blast on steel types as well, but we all know that it will miss lol.
I firmly refuse to include Focus Miss as a viable move for any set. >:(
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