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What format?
What focuses on HP, Defense, and Special Defense.
This question really can't be answered without more context.  Singles?  Doubles?  OU?  Ubers?  Other team members?
Well one of them is unplayable Eternamax Eternatus and the other one is Shuckle. If you think he's an issue choose Toxapex.
Taxapex I guess, great defenses.
@Corviknight I edited this question to be clearer about the format you're playing. If you're playing VGC 2020 or Doubles OU instead of BSD, then please change what I added.
In doubles, walls with intimidate are usually better than walls without intimidate. So the best one is probably Incineroar.

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Incineroar @ Figy berry
Ability: intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful nature
- fake out
- darkest lariat
- flare blitz
- parting shot

Intimidate and fake out are both good things to have on walls.

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