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I'm using Latias and it's great so far, but I'm wondering if my moveset might be too risky?

-Draco Meteor (STAB, good power, covers Uber Tier dragon-types)
-Psychic (STAB)
-Roost (Healing)
-Calm Mind (To boost the stats Draco Meteor lowers)

The main reason I asked is because I don't know if I should replace Draco Meteor with Dragon Pulse. I prefer Draco Meteor's power, but it does have setbacks, and although I have Calm Mind to back me up, what if she gets hit before she can power up? Even though I still might be fine as she has good speed. I just don't know if its risky or not.


This is actual a semi-standard set for Mega Latias. So yes, perfectly viable. The CMs let you boost your special defence and take any attack. While it feels like having Cm and Draco Meteor may be a waste, a +2 draco will deal huge damage to anythign that doesn't resist it, and you still get to throw another one before Latias becomes weak.

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The only thing I'd do is replace Psychic with Psyshock because it will be very helpful to hit specially defensive Pokemon like Chansey that are inclined to switch in to a special attacker like Latias. Other than that, this moveset is fine.

The reason that Draco Meteor is preferred over Dragon Pulse is for the very noticeable higher damage output. It is decently powerful, even without boosts, and you can simply switch out after the Special Attack drop.