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I recently got a shiny latias and it just happened to be adamant unlike latios, latias doesnt get dragon dance

Are you guys stumped?
At the very most an Adamant Latias will scare off specially defensive walls like Togekiss and stuff. That too not properly, because Latias cannot hit very hard with 80 base attack and no physical move with BP over 100.

Nope, not happenin' as far as I know :s
How about Hone claws,Zen headbutt,Dragon Claw,Roost?
I still don't see it being better than even Gallade, let alone Latios. With that kind of attack it's not doing much without boosts anyways. Also it's movepool is severely restricted, Psychic/Dragon can be blocked by any steel type, and they usually have strong defense.

If you really are that desperate, you could try including EQ in that moveset.
Return has a BP over 100...

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Thought I'd answer this since its dating back to 06/03/2016 lol

Latias is more of a sp.atk Pokemon since its base sp.atk stat is higher than its actual atk stat, shame you got an "adamant" one but we can work with that. Also of the record there is a cheat defice called .. Powersaves.. That lets you change natures!!

Anyhow try this

Latias @ Latiasite or Red card
Ev's:- 72hp / 252 atk / 184 sp.def
N - Adamant
Earthquake or Hone claws
Dragon claw
Sucker punch or Roost

Why redcard.. Well if you use this Pokemon second then it wouldnt exactly have an advtange type versus it first. Plus the moveset above would pretty much take him/her off guard vs his/her team.