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Here are my 2 Pokemon for this strategy, the rest don't really matter unless you guys find a slight weakness.

Dugtrio: Max IV's on Atk and Speed. 252 EV's on Atk and speed. Nature: Jolly. Ability: Arena Trap


Hone Claws
Stone Edge

Durant: ability: Truant. Item: Focus Sash. Max IV's: speed. 252 EV's: Speed


the rest don't matter

So first, I start out with my durant. It will use Entrainment and with it's ability Truant, the opposing Pokemon will have the ability Truant. Then, I switch to Dugtrio, and because of Truant, My target will not move. Also, they can't switch out since Dugtrio has the ability arena trap. Next, I will use protect when the my target will attack and Hone Claws when my target can't move due to Truant. I will repeat this until Dugtrio has Maxed out its attack. Then, I can pretty much demolish any Pokemon in my way with maxed attack and I will probably win the battle since I don't think anything can outspeed my dugtrio. Are there any holes in my strategy?

just saying, Dugtrio can get fissure with this set
Taunt is a good counter to almost anything that's gimmicky. Flying and levitating Pokemon are immune to arena trap. Hoopa can use moves to break through protect. Also, if the opponent can predict, they will switch out on the turn you switch in Dugtrio, which causes ability changes to disappear.
I'm actually surprised that Feint isn't more common, given how prevalent Protect is.  But if you were to come against it, Feint would hit you through Protect.
No, protect isn't common enough. You could also be stopped by something extremely fast, holding a choice scarf, or knowing a good priority attack.

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It looks like a pretty solid set. The only thing you need is coverage for when someone times truant to attack when your maxing dugtrio's attack. Other than that, it's gonna demolish teams.

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