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First, I set up my Forretress so it can set up Toxic Spikes, Spikes, and Stealth Rock. I will max out it's Health, Defense, and Sp.defense in EV's and IV's. I will also give it a nature that raises the sp.def stat and make it hold a quick claw so that it can attack first. With its ability sturdy and everything else, I am pretty sure that it can withstand 3 turns so that I can place those 3 moves. After that, I will have my Dragonite, Hydreiggon, Salamance, Garchomp, and Tyranitar, they will all max out their IV and EV def, sp.def, and health stat. Each of them will know Dragon Tail and the other moves doesn't matter. This way, my opponenets Pokemon will keep switching out and toxic spike, spikes, and stealth rock will damage them and in toxic spikes case, poison them. And with my Pokemon being so Tanky, It will be hard for my opponent to defeat them.. Do you think this is a good strategy?


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Your strategy will have 3 crippling weaknesses.

1) A single Rapid Spin will hurt your strategy significantly.

Given the members of your team, this is likely not a crippling deficiency. However, 1 use of Rapid Spin will remove all entry hazards on the opponents field. Which leads into...

2) "Switching" moves will always go last

Dragon Tail, like other moves that force the opponent to switch Pokemon, are in the lowest priority bracket at -6. Each bracket is the resolved in Speed order before moving down to the next one. So your Dragon Tail force switchers will be moving after their targets, ensuring that the opponent gets an attack in. This also makes you unbelievably vulnerable to Ice attacks, which every one of your switchers (except Hydreiggon) has a 4x weakness to. While it's unlikely that any of your Dragons will be 1HKO'd, they will certainly take significant damage from a single Ice Beam or even the low powered Ice Shard. Nevermind Icicle Crash. Finally....

3) A single Fairy will ruin you

This may not apply directly to you, because you are in Gen 5 before the Fairy type was added, however, it would be somewhat foolish to completely ignore this point.

In fact, the other moves on all of your switchers DO matter, because Fairy type is immune to Dragon type. Not only will you do no damage to a Fairy, but you will also not force the switch for your entry hazards. The obvious way around this is to make sure all of your switchers have a move that is Poison or Steel with moderate to high power in order to take them down.

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thx Phail raptor, I should now use a variety of different pokemon types. But I shouldn't really worry that much about Ice types, they are the least common type in the game, right?
Ice type Pokemon are fairly rare due to their overall fragility, and weakness to the very prevalent Fighting type.  However, Ice Beam is an incredibly popular coverage move on a lot of Pokemon.  Ice Shard also sees some use, because it's more or less an Ice type Quick Attack, making it a great revenge kill.  And Icicle Crash is incredibly powerful for a physical Pokemon.