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I got a Goomy off of Wonder Trade, and it has Sap Sipper. I know Goodra isn't particularly fast, but I want to use it. Could you give me tips on how to get Goomy's speed up. Could you give me a competitive moveset for Goodra too? I want to breed it with Poison Tail just so you know.

Tailwind / Trick Room / speed control (Thunder Wave, Icy Wind).
That's also a nice experiment but really the better choice is to just make a tank Goodra

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You don't need to make it fast, it's not designed for it.

Instead of speed, Goodra gets bulk. What Goodra is, is a special tank that can live 2 supereffective special hits and dish out any super-effective move needed. It's a Wild Card.

Goodra @ Choice Specs/ Expert Belt
Ability: Sap Sipper
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 4 Sp. Def
Nature: Modest
-Dragon Pulse/ Sludge Wave
-Ice Beam

BTW, Poison Tail is not a good idea.

Thanks to fondant for the moveset. Assault Vest is also a nice item choice.

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"It's not designed for it."

Whatchu talkin' about, Goodra looks like a complete speedster. Look at those aerodynamic hips!
lawl Astro
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You don't.

Don't get me wrong, but even with those psuedo-legendary stats, Goodra is just not built for this. That is to say, as a member of the Mighty Dragons (lol).

The only way to substantially increase speed is by a Choice Scarf, but that isn't too good as Goodra is stuck with using only one move, which is an okay-sh situation, but you're better off with a Leftovers or a Life Orb.

Then again, even if you do choose a Scarf, it cannot out-speed most of the Pokemon that it needs to, and it would be a waste anyway.

I agree 80 base stat in speed is quite good, but with its move pool, I suggest trying other roles, i.e. that which isn't a fast sweeper for your Goodra.

You can still stick an Assault Vest on it though, and try to be a Tank of sorts.

Alternatives, as Astro said, is to lower your opponent's speed, either by paralysis or Sticky Web

tl;dr: Don't try to increase its speed. If you do, use a Choice Scarf, but be careful.

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