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I was using the same moveset in Showdown that I answered in "What is a good moveset for Primarina?".
I was battling myself but I think I just let myself win because the Decidueye I used wasn't even EV trained. The strategy is, use 2 moves that aren't very effective against the foe. (I know moonblast is neutral against Decidueye but that's not the point.)

The battle can be seen here.

But the question is;

Will Primarina outspeed Decidueye in time to save itself? Will it get outsped by Decidueye and get KO'd?

Would any of these happen? If you know, thank you for answering. :)
Sincerely, Choco.

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Neither occurred.

Source: viewing battle
I think that Primarina will die if Decidueye used leaf blade or a grass move.

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It could go either way depending on the set Decidueye is running.

However, it is overall more efficient to use Shadow Ball from the start, or even better, switch out to a Pokemon that combats Decidueye better. You are giving your opponent free turns to work with by faking them out, which they could, and most likely will, take advantage of (probably by killing Primarina or setting up a Swords Dance or Substitute). Meanwhile, you are doing fairly mediocre damage to Decidueye while you could be doing something much more useful.

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Oh! Thanks for the answer. I think Decidueye is slightly more faster than Primarina, so I should counter them by switching out or using shadow ball right from the start. c;
It's hard to say, and is very reliant on the overall context of the situation (what Decidueye set, what pokemon are on both teams and their health, ect) so it is best to make the judgement when you reach the situation.
That is understandable. Depends on the decidueye, its moveset, and EV's.