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Before you're like "Tavin, what the hell? What the hell is wrong with it being male or female?", hear me out.

As you all know currently, the Wi-Fi for the Nintendo DS & DSi systems have has been cut off since around 2013 - 2014. It's not easy to find another person that has these games in which I can connect with to trade over a Snivy or Ditto with good IV or EV that is female, so I could breed to get myself a competitive battle-ready Serperior eventually.

It's not like X & Y where I can still connect to the internet, and trade with other individuals. So my question is this. Should I keep this great Snivy that I have right now, and go on a journey to find someone across my city that potentially has the female Snivy ( or ditto ) I'm looking for, or do I soft reset endlessly until I get the perfect female Snivy?

I know IVs are apart of breeding, but are the natures and characteristics?

Important Note: It has a Timid nature, and its characteristic is scatters things often, so I think I'm pretty set in terms of a good battle ready Snivy. As someone mentioned in my previous post ( and as I did too ), my Pokemon's IVs are bound to be a bit all over the place while playing through the main game.

What can Breloom do that Serperior is indeed not "Su-perior" in?
Breloom has 130 base physical attack and STAB moves that are super effective against Lucario, Magnezone, Heatran, Ferrothorn, and Kyurem. One of its abilities lets it quickly heal damage from substitute and sand stream and makes it immune to burns. Another ability gives it a move that has an average of 118 base power, a move that has 90 base power and 100% chance of lowering the target's speed, and a 60 base power priority move. All 3 of these get STAB and are 100% accurate.
Is it possible to obtain a Shroomish within the game?
You can get it on Route 11 in Black or Pinwheel Forest in BW2. If you're playing White, then the best offensive grass is probably Roserade or Virizion.

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You should probably soft reset until you get a female Snivy. The reason is because while this one has good stuff on it, if you ever want another, or mess up on this one, you would want another. So soft reset until you get a female, then IV breed when you can, so you can get a good one, and have more to spare.

Hope I helped!

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If you have access to 3DS with Pokemon bank, you could transfer this one over, delete the save, and soft reset for a female. Or, trade over to another Gen 5 game for holding.

Like HellfireTaco said, there's an exploit that allows the regular online features. I personally am not too fluent with it, but you manipulate your DNS in order to connect to the server.

I'd reccomend trying the exploit and trading first, and only soft reset for a female Snivy if you run out of options. Good luck!