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At Level 100.

  1. More than 300 HP with 0 IVs and no EV training.
  2. Great Defense.
  3. Can resist Ice + Ground types.
  4. Can learn restoring HP moves. (Like Roost)
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I'll answer his in a minute.

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Well I didn't find anyone with those exact criterias, but I found these:

250 HP without IVs or EVs
211-362 in Defense, depending on if you're going to EV train him and he/she has perfect IVs.
Magnezone has 11 resistances including Ice and Rock type moves.
Learns Rest as a TM.

300 HP without EVs or IVs.
202-350 Defense wether or not you train him in Defense.
Slowbro doesn't have Rock as a resistance, but it has Ice as one.
Also learns Rest.

310 HP without IVs or EVs.
It's 130 Defense as Base Stat.
As Slowbro, it doesn't have Rock, but the Ice is there.
Learns Rest the same way as the above.

Last one that I had time with and filled the criteria-ish.

250 HP Non trained.
Super Defense with 180 as Base Stat!
Has the resistances you are looking for with some extra along the way.
Learns Rest.

These ones has to have Chesto Berries if they are going to use Rest etc.

Sources: This site.

Hope I helped!

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3 of those have a ground weakness though.
Yes, but that was not listed, so I didn't include those things ;-; Just what the question said. ;-;
Give Magnezone Magnet Rise if you are worried about its' 4x ground weakness.